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Hot weather hacks: how to dress cool when it’s really hot

We have all sweated through the recent heatwaves and shared top tips for keeping cool as the mercury rises into the late 30s. However, August is still in full swing and we are by no means out of the summer heat zone yet. Even when we reach September, balmy days and raised temperatures can still accompany a final burst of summer before Autumn’s cooler climes arrive to cool us back down again. To help us all handle the heat in style, here are some hot weather hacks for men seeking to stay cool this month – in more ways than one!

  • Lighter colours

Choose white or light colours for your summer shirts to help get science on your side. As light hits something, the darker the object is, the more energy it will absorb. So, it stands to reason that a darker fabric will get hotter more quickly than a light or white one. White and pale colours reflect more light away from its surface, which will keep you feeling cooler. Lighter colours are on trend right now, especially light blues, pinks and greens such as sage. Choose from our selection of white and pale coloured summer shirts in our current sale for an end-of-season bargain that will help you keep your cool.

  • Long sleeves

Contrary to what you might expect, wearing summer shirts with long sleeves can actually help protect you from the worst of the summer sun. Covering your arms with a lightweight, breathable fabric will protect them against sun burn and stop the sun’s rays from having direct contact with your skin. Choose a fabric that is breathable and can help wick away sweat to keep your skin feeling even cooler. Whether you are wearing a casual shirt or something tailored, long sleeves will help add timeless style to your outfit too. You can always roll them up for a bit if you feel really hot.

  • Loose fabrics

While many men love tighter clothing for a more tailored fit, looser clothes can help keep you cool during summer. From plus size shirts with plenty of fabric to wider fit, comfortable trousers, choose clothes that allow you to move and won’t crease annoyingly underneath you when you sit or lie down in the sun from being too fitted. As well as choosing a breathable fabric such as cotton, linen or moisture-wicking synthetic blends, consider the weave carefully too. Choose summer shirts that feel light to pick up and easy to get on and off. There will be plenty of time for skinny jeans, statement belts and close-fitting tops when the temperatures go back down again for Autumn.

  • Summer in the city

While we may want to just flop by the pool, most of us have to go to work for at least some of the time during hot weather. For office workers, this can mean spending hours in a stuffy building. Prepare yourself for a warm day at work by choosing a lightweight summer shirt made from linen or cotton and, if possible, looser trousers such as chinos to allow the air to circulate. Avoid tight-fitting ties if you can and choose an unlined jacket to keep the number of layers of material wrapped around your body as small as possible. Always carry a bottle of water with you and allocate extra time for travelling in and out of the office – you won’t want to rush for a train or sit for hours in traffic on a blazing hot day.

  • Accessorise to beat the heat

Choose appropriate accessories to go with your light, breathable, loose-fitting summer shirts. Bring back traditional clothing fashion for men with a Panama or trilby hat with a wide brim to shield your face from the sun and a good quality cotton handkerchief to wipe your face while you are on the go. If you want to wear trainers, loafers or espadrilles but don’t want to spoil your look by having your socks peeking out above the ankle, choose no-show socks to retain your style and protect the inside of your shoes from your hot, sweaty feet. Finally, carry a stylish pair of sunglasses with you to complete your look and protect your eyes from the bright sunlight.

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