dress in the correct clothes for november

6 Tips to Dress for a Confusing November

For the UK, this November has been, to say the least, weird. We’ve had record breaking high temperatures at the beginning of the month to an extra month’s worth of rainfall in Scotland and parts of the south of England in the last two weeks. It’s been very confusing and, while the weather has been a bit more typical the last few days, it is expected to be warmer again for the last days of November. So, here are some tips on how to dress for the very confusing and atypical beginning of winter.

Dress in Layers if You’re Unsure About the Weather

Layers are a great way to be flexible about the weather when you’re not sure what to expect. If it is cold and rainy one minute and then warm the next, you want to be able to switch out what you’re wearing so you’re never under or overdressed for the weather. The easiest way to do this is to wear layers. It is easier to manage with 2 or 3 slightly thinner layers (or layers that increase in thickness) than one massive jumper that you’ll overheat in as soon as the temperature rises above 10℃. Layers are great because they can just sit in the bottom of your bag once they’re no longer needed, and, if done right, can add dimension to your outfit.

What Coat to Bring

Deciding on which coat to bring is very important. You don’t want to whip out your big jumper coat just yet since it isn’t that cold right now, but a small jacket won’t cut it anymore. We are still in November, after all. A coat that finds the middle ground is ideal. Something waterproof wouldn’t go amiss either since there is so much rain, and something fuller length since we are dipping into single digits, but lightweight enough that it can withstand the more moderate climate that this Autumn has brought with it.

Dress For the Rain – There’s A Lot of It

It is raining a lot this month. And by a lot, I mean more than the national average for this time of year. It has been raining enough to (hopefully) make up for the water we lost in the dry weather this summer. But because of this, you have to be careful about what you wear. Lighter bottoms are pretty much out – you don’t want your clothes ruined by a car driving too fast past a puddle near you and splashing you on the way to work. Darker bottoms are probably a safer bet for wetter weather, as well as rain resistant clothes where possible, so you aren’t walking around completely soaked. If you can manage to fit a change of clothes into your bag, that would be great. Also, umbrellas are your friend if you want to keep as dry as possible. Waterproof coats with hoods are amazing at keeping your top half dry, but an umbrella will help keep your entire body dry. Just make sure you leave it open to dry when you get to work.

Jumpers are Your Friend

There are many different types of jumpers for different weather, price points and different levels of comfort. This time though, I mean lightweight, looser jumpers. These are very good this time of year because they are easier to layer on top of other thinner items, but also because they deliver a different level of warmth. By having a looser jumper you can get one that is in the middle of thickness and still feel light on your body. You can find ones that give you breathing space but still keep you warm. These are ideal when you aren’t sure about the weather because they won’t immediately become stifling when the sun comes back out.

dress right for november

Match a Big Bag to Your Outfit

Bags are the key secret ingredient to all of my advice so far. In the summer, if you have good sized pockets (an ever elusive task for people shopping in the women’s section of clothing stores) you don’t really need anything else for a quick trip out, and you can get away with a small bag for longer journeys, or going to work. This isn’t the case as it gets colder. With all these layers, clothes and umbrellas, you need something sturdy to carry it all. There are many different styles of bags to choose from, depending on your needs and fashion desires, but I personally find that roll top backpacks, which are very popular at the moment, do the trick. They are lightweight and large, and usually come with lots of pockets and hidden sections for you to use. But whatever bag you get, make sure it’s got enough space for a jumper and an umbrella.

Tights, Tights, Tights

This tip may be targeted primarily at those who dress in a more feminine fashion, but it can be useful to everyone. I’ve been talking about layers this entire article, but I’ve only really focused on the torso. Your legs need to be warm too! This is where tights come in. You can get tights from 15 denier (very lightweight) to opaque 100 denier tights – and they can usually be found anywhere for quite cheap prices. Whether you are wearing them under a dress or skirt, or you are wearing them under trousers for extra warmth, tights are a must-have addition to anyone’s wardrobe this autumn.

Dress Safe for the Cold and Warm Weather

Of course, the most important thing in all of this is that you are warm and safe through this transitional period. Being able to switch out layers enables you to be protected against all weather, not simply having to choose between being too warm or too cold.

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