Inside the Mind of an Interior Designer

Where do interior designers get their inspiration?

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There are many places and objects that are wonderful in themselves. But we have collected the main ones – where you can find inspiration for interior design projects. Some of them are obvious, while others may be unexpected and unique to your theme. Take a look at new ideas, or change your point of view to old ones to broaden your interests.

Nature boosts creativity

The most obvious way to get inspired and immerse yourself is with the help of nature. The wonder of creativity is awe-inspiring and can easily translate into your next project.

Butterflies are magic

What could be more magical than watching butterflies in their natural habitat? Visit a butterfly garden such as Durham, NC Museum of Life + Science’s Magic Wings Butterfly House.


Looking at the lush vegetation, listening to the water flow and watching the colourful butterflies flutter as they’re released.

Pay attention to the different colours and combinations.

The whimsical nature of fluttering butterflies can provide creative ideas for youthful and energetic décor.

interiour design

Sunset and dawn colours

Watch the sunset in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy and use it to draw inspiration for your own beautiful décor colour palette.

Beach vacation

The colours and textures of the beach scene are enough to captivate any imagination. Marine life, sand, seashells, palm trees, birds and the sun – all inspire the mixology of colours, shapes and décor.

Night-scape for monochrome images

Whether you’re in the mountains, on the coast, or in a multi-story city, the night landscape can offer dramatic contradictions of light and dark, as well as colours. Monochrome patterns using any colour can be a source of inspiration.

Take a break!

Take a ride to clear your mind and allow new ideas to take root. A simple movement can free your mind to go beyond the ordinary. Or yet, sleep on it! Lots of the greats came up with their best work in their sleep!


Capture the hustle and bustle atmosphere on your train ride. Or imagine what it was like when it was the most modern form of transport. Immerse yourself in sounds, smells and environments and adapt them to your home.

Balloons and air magic

You can take a fresh look at life in a hot air balloon flight. The first thing you’ll notice is how the sound travels vertically when you’re in the air. This can change the way you think about how sound travels around a room. The next is the immensity of the world above the ground and many colours, especially in autumn. Blue skies, white clouds, bursts of green and other colours can trigger a new design idea.

Guided tour by cabriolet or motorcycle.

Enjoy a breeze ride in the fresh air. Riding upwind is a great way to open up your feelings to communicate with everyone around you. By using all of your five senses, you can awaken an idea or thought that can lead to an artistic solution. And the feeling of flight itself is energizing.

Art for creative inspiration

There are all kinds of art such as painting, sketching, and collage. An afternoon visit to an art museum or gallery can be an inspiring visual experience. Notice how the artist used colour and light to convey an emotion or idea. Duplicate these techniques in your interior.

Fashion street trends

Current street fashion trends such as popular styles, preferred colours, patterns and textures are having an impact on home decor textiles. The more you learn about these fabrics, the more ideas you will have.

Visit a textile museum, attend a fashion show or lecture, or take a fashion history lesson.

Visit a jewellery or tableware show to find out about the hottest trends for the coming year.

Music warms up the soul

Music can be a source of inspiration for other arts. Play in a music genre other than your usual choice. Hear new artists and get a feel for their rhythm, as well as how they relate to the rhythm of the room design. Imagine how you can portray a song or concert in your home decor arrangement.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

The best way to find any creative inspiration is to go beyond your comfort zone. Immerse yourself in a new expression of nature, art, or another environment entirely and discover a new wave of beautiful home layouts.

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